Super Deal! 4G Octa-core Elephone P3000s For $149.98

Wow, Elephone P3000s Smartphone looks like an “antique” as it has been released for an entire year long! Nevertheless, 48% off sales campaign is for real, by spending $149.98 here at Banggood can you get this one in your house.
Elephone P3000s Smartphone
If my memory serves me well, Elephone P3000s 4G has seized most titles and spotlights on its launch conference, of course, it can’t be separated with latest 4G LTE, NFC, world’s first 1.7GHz Octa-core processor, 13MP rear camera, golden ratio 5-inch screen and a series of functional gadgets.
Elephone P3000s Smartphone
Without a doubt, such a decent troop of configuration I mentioned above is still competitive even in contrast to smartphone in 2015, not to mention a year ago, no wonder it deserved a 200USD and something retail price.

In other words, such an enormous 48% off discount for Elephone P3000s genuinely is infrequent, even unprecedented to be fair, that’s the reason why it has suddenly became the focus this week as more than hundreds of orders has been placed globally. Guess what’s the sales figure now? 710 units!
Elephone P3000s Smartphone
Of course, although BG has yet to confirmed when this hot stuff will going to the end, but we all are not surprised if it is in short supply soo

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